ZEE, synonymous to Early Intervention and Inclusion Programme has been making waves in the early childhood education since 2004. Its programme and dedicated staff have transformed many children from a reclusive world to a new era whereby they can reach out for their potential.

We prepare children for their success in their kindergarten and beyond through creative, productive and play experience. Offering bilingual programme as well as incorporating Montessori self-help skills in our holistic curriculum. We advocate individualized learning in which every child learns at his or her own pace.

Our small teacher to child ratio fosters individual learning with intensive interaction and bonding. Zee students learn through hands-on, multi-sensory activities and are encouraged to work, play and share with others while developing their self-confidence. We believe that developing the inner sense of exploration is the key to a child’s learning process, thus we have prepared a conducive learning environment for children to exert their inner sense of guidance for their self-directed learning.

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