Wufang Singapore is established in 2005 to empower children and adults to develop discipline, focus and resilience through wushu and fitness training. Wufang Singapore was founded by Vincent Ng, a World Wushu Champion and 3-time SEA Games Gold Medallist and a Wushu icon of Singapore. To date, Wufang Singapore has inspired more than 10,000 students both young and old to practice Wushu.

Our Founder

Vincent Ng also known by his Chinese name Weng Qinghai (翁清海) is the founder of Wufang Singapore. Voted by Straits Times as one of the top 50 athletes of the century, Vincent picked up Wushu at the age of 12 and was swiftly selected to the national team after impressing in the national Wushu championship. Vincent would go on to win 3 gold medals at the Southeast Asian Games and became Singapore’s first World Champion at the 3rd World Wushu Championships held in the United State of America in 1995. Vincent set up Wufang Singapore in the hope to impart his Wushu knowledge and to equip his students with the mental tools that they would require to reach their potential in whatever they choose to do in life.

Our Classes

Wufang believes in the importance of healthy living and work-life balance. With this in mind, our classes are specially designed to energise the body, mind, and spirit of both children and adults, while increasing overall flexibility, agility, strength and stamina. Our Wushu classes foster the martial arts values of humility and self- discipline with modern life coaching to enable every student to develop confidence, resilience and respect for others.

Our Students

Our students, parents and partnering schools from Ministry of Education are instrumental to our growth. Students who attended Wufang Singapore’s classes are equipped with the mental tools to reach their potential in whatever field they choose. Training in control leads to better decision-making be it handling a pet, exams or a bully with just the right amount of thought, energy and responsibility. In addition, our combined commitment to training and determination have consistently nurture and produce Wushu champions and brought honours to Singapore in countless international competitions.

Opening Hours


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2:00pm - 9.30pm


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