The Physics & Math Cafe is tried and trusted tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in JC Physics Tuition, IP, secondary Physics tuition as featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper, Asiaone Vulcan Post, CNA, The Smart Local.

The Physics Cafe is founded by Mr Dave Sim who have taught in Raffles Junior College for 6 years. We have a team of highly sought after tutors who are chauffeured by the school driver between the centre to ensure consisent high standard of our lessons. The stellar academic results produced by the students and the number of students we attracted prove that this is a winning formula. 80% of the students consistently scored “A” in their GCE A-level examination and 90% of the IP/Sec students consistently scored “A” in their final IP Exam and GCE O-level examination This doubles the steady national average of 40 percent A and is higher than the percentage A of the top IP schools in Singapore. The Physics Café remains highly sought after by students from reputable schools.



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