The Japanese Secondary School occupies the West Coast Campus at 201, West Coast Road, at the junction of Jalan Buroh and West Coast highway.

The site includes a sports field, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a playground, and covers 17.015 square metres. It also has a large gymnasium/auditorium, a library, computer laboratories, audio-visual rooms, a language laboratory, and a science laboratory as well as rooms for other specialised studies such as music and arts, arts/crafts.

The Japanese Secondary School provides a 3 year curriculum which prepares students for the next 3 years of their education in their respective high schools. According to the Japanese Education Law, 9 years of schooling is compulsory, which includes 6 years of Primary and 3 years of Secondary education.

Freshmen students come mainly from the Japanese Primary School in Singapore, except some who come directly from Japan.

Since 1995, the Secondary School has adopted an English immersion programme to improve the students’ proficiency in English. Subjects such as Physical Education, Arts and Home Economics are taught in English by the English speaking subject specialists.

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