By TaoLi, Singapore’s #1 female swimming champion, Taoli Swimming Club provides swimming lessons for kids and adults at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. TaoLi swimming Club has a dedicated team of both female and male coaches and Taoli herself who are passionate and dedicated to teaching for better and faster performance in a disciplined and encouraging environment.
For beginners who are learning to swim, Taoli Swimming Club uses Taoli’s own proprietary training modules that help the students learn systematically and with accompanied progress reports at regular intervals to point-check their improvement. These modules are created from TaoLi’s personal training in the last 20 years of training and coaching experiences in the world’s top best swimming training centres – USA, UK, Australia and China.

There are 6-level modules for the kids swimming lessons. The teaching modules ensure techniques are taught right from the beginning.

The lessons are all private either for individual or in groups, at Temasek Club or designated venue by the students. This ensures the teaching environment is kept conducive for learning.

Group Classes are TaoLi Swimming Club are also kept very small, with maximum 6 kids in every group.

Taoli and her coaches also provide swimming lessons for intermediate and advanced swimmers, who are preparing or are already participating in swimming competitions. There are also stroke correction classes available. All these classes include stroke improvement, stamina building, nutrition and visualization techniques for better performance.
Learn swimming faster and better with Taoli Swimming Club.

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