We teach Traditional Chinese Martial Arts to Kung Fu enthusiasts from all races, Unlike many other Chinese Martial Arts courses around, we focus on physical foundation and self-defence instead of performance wushu.

We offer both adult and kids classes from foundational beginner Shaolin and Hung Gar Kung Fu classes to advanced combat classes. Our students have the choice of individual attention through Private Training or the camaraderie of Group Classes. We also conduct exclusive Corporate classes for colleagues who want to train together.

Our certification system sets milestones along a warrior’s learning journey that motivates and upholds the standard of Kung Fu training.

Our training regime involves the use of old-school Kung Fu training equipment like iron palm, iron rings and training weapons. We also integrate modern strength and conditioning concepts to make training scientific and beneficial for your fitness levels.

Our Kung Fu School is founded & led by Coach Leroy Kwok. Since 2012, we are known worldwide through our exchange programs, public martial arts performances & seminars, TV appearances on Ch 5 & 8’s Secret Singapore & OKTO’s Sports Replay and media coverage in the Straits Times and The New Paper. Our school also appeared in the Netflix promo for Marvel’s Iron Fist series.

我们是在新加坡传授高品质传统正宗洪拳,气功及十八班兵器课程的武术俱乐部 。带领我们的是郭铨瀚教练。


我们的培训重点 :


另一点我们要提的是 “武德”, 对习武之人,武德是十分重要的。习武者要毅力坚强,有正气,尊敬他人,做人谦逊,守信用,做事认真。。。 练成真功夫并非一年半载的事,所以习武者必须有坚强的毅力勤劳地练功。由于传统功夫的招数与力道非比寻常,武功造诣有成的人必须自控, 避免与他人争吵, 结仇和打斗。


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