The name of Sir Stamford Raffles, Founder of Singapore, has been given to some of the most distinguished of institutions in Singapore, among them Raffles Girls’ School (RGS). Sir Stamford Raffles had a vision to establish a premier education institution that would serve Singapore well and RGS is honoured to have his name associated with our school.

From humble beginnings in 1879, but with noble aspirations, RGS has progressed remarkably from a one-room department in a boys’ school to a full-fledged girls-only institution, adapting itself continually to the on-going changes in the education landscape. The school motto, ‘Filiae Melioris Aevi’, Latin for ‘Daughters of a Better Age’, is a promise of what is, and a hope of what is to come. Now, 135 years later, the school motto is still, if not more relevant. Today, the RGS name stands as the embodiment of excellence, grit, adaptability and innovation in education.

The RGS girl, in her neatly pressed dark blue pinafore, is as much the face of RGS as she is a part of the fabric of Singapore. She comes from all walks of life. She symbolises hope and she excels in all that she does. The RGS girl is a high ability girl and RGS helps her to discover her interests and talents, sharpen her skills and be a compassionate and productive citizen. RGS has a culture of service through community action and community problem solving and the RGS girl is not content to be a mere passive inheritor of a better age, she aspires and dares to be an Active Creator of a Better Age for all.