Mumei Shudan Singapore was founded in 2009 in Singapore. The Dojo provides training in Aikido and has adopted the practice guidance from the Aikikai foundation; where its instructors originate from. The dojo was initiated with 8 members and has reached more than 300 members in January 2015.

Mumei Shudan instructors are certified by the Aikikai Foundation Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo.

The name of the Dojo – Mumei Shudan literally translates from Japanese as “Anonymous group” and it reflects the desire of its members to stay independent and open to any Aikido practice.

Main concepts of training in Mumei Dojo is the Ki Musubi or Ki-no-Musubi. Ki Musubi is translated literally as “knotting/tying-up Ki”. It means the act/process of matching one’s partner’s movement/intention at its inception, and maintaining a connection to the partner throughout the application of an Aikido technique. Proper Ki Musubi requires a clear, flexible, and attentive mind.

Mumei Shudan welcomes kids (from 5 to 12), teenagers (above 13) and adults of all beliefs, abilities, races, genders and nationalities to extend the horizons of our daily life by training diligently in Aikido.

Classes currently run 7 times a week in downtown Singapore at 149C Selegie Road, Anchorvale Community Centre and NTU Aikido Club.

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