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Established in 2010 by Krav Maga’s highest ranked expert, Eyal Yanilov, Krav Maga Global is an internationally recognized organization that trains and certifies Krav Maga practitioners and instructors. We cater to everyone’s learning needs – from civilians to police and elite forces, providing customers and students with the highest level of knowledge, education and experience available today. Our advanced workshops and specialist courses have earned the trust of military units and law enforcement personnel around the world, with many choosing Krav Maga Global as their training provider.

Krav Maga Global operates a team of highly qualified instructors known as the ‘Global and International Teams’ who are responsible for delivering and designing Krav Maga training lessons, as well as carrying out exclusive workshops and specialist courses throughout the world. As a modern, up-to-date organization, Krav Maga Global is always updating the curriculum with new fighting techniques as new weapons and technology emerge. We continuously support our students, instructors, training centers and branches with advanced knowledge and learning materials related to Krav Maga, and assist in the day-to-day management of Krav Maga training centers.


Krav Maga literally means “contact combat,” and like what its name suggests, it is a self-defense combat system that can be applied in real-life situations. It is not a traditional martial art or sport, but a practical and realistic system that will teach its students how to avoid, prevent, deter and deal with all types of violent confrontations.

Krav Maga aims to impart skills through the understanding of the principles behind each defense or attack move. Students learn to hone their instincts through drills that emphasize quick thinking and at the same time, reinforce muscle memory. In a short space of time, students will pick up skills that are practical and useful when facing life-threatening situations.

Those who have trained in Krav Maga see vast improvements in their physical fitness and agility. Not only that, but students also learn to make quicker decisions in tense situations, and learn to cope in a stressful, fast-paced environment. This translates to all aspects of their lives, including work and play.

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