Established Chinese immersion programme

EtonHouse Zhong Hua Pre-School at 681 Bukit Timah is the first child care centre in Singapore to exclusively offer a Chinese only programme. Set within the premises of the Hwa Chong International School, EtonHouse Zhong Hua offers the renowned EtonHouse Inquire Think Learn curriculum, which is delivered entirely in Mandarin. In a child care setting, the children will be exposed to a considerable amount of time listening, speaking and writing in Chinese which is essential for any sustainable language development in the early years.

Chinese as a life-skill and essential communication tool

Here, children are exposed to Chinese in a meaningful and enjoyable manner. During their formative years, the focus is very much on the (listening) and  (speaking) aspects before we proceed to build up proper sentence structure and vocabulary, with the kindergarten level focused on reading() and writing ().

The programme will make reference to the EtonHouse learning goals as well as MOE’s ‘Nurturing Early Learners’ framework for the six areas of learning (Aesthetics & creative expression, discovery of the world, language & literacy, motor skills development, numeracy and social & emotional development) in the planning of children’s learning and development.

A genuine love for the language

There will be an added emphasis on Chinese cultural experiences such as Chinese Art (painting, Calligraphy), Performance Art (music, dance, drama and songs), literature (stories, rhymes and poems) and festivities. The learning environment is created for children to experience the beautiful Chinese culture and tradition in a warm, home-like space, featuring unique art pieces, musical instruments and engaging and meaningful resources.

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