Amity Juniors is a happy, safe and inspirational place for little ones to spend their most crucial formative years. Its location has been carefully chosen and designed to provide children with a caring environment where they will enjoy an enriching experience.

Amity Juniors believes that the pre-schooling years are very crucial in the development of a child. It is during these tender, impressionable years that their characters are formed and shaped. With this in mind, Amity Juniors has qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers who are committed to meet the individual needs of each

child and to create a stimulating environment to ensure each child is able to develop to his or her potential.

Our curriculum is also largely based on Play-Learning, as we strongly believe that children learn best while at play. The play activities are also designed to promote all aspects of children’s development and learning.

Amity Juniors 是一个孩子在成长期间,给予快乐、安全及鼓舞心灵的地方,它的地点是经过精心挑选和设计,能顺利帮助孩子度过一生性格形成的关键时刻。

Amity Juniors 相信学前教育对孩子成长发展十分关键,儿童在这个嫩幼及容易受影响的阶段里,性格就会逐渐形成,因此,Amity Juniors有资格、资深及委身的老师来配合满足儿童个别的需要。 给予每一位儿童合适的环境,激励他们并充分发展他们的潜能。



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