America Montessori International Preschool (AMI Preschool) is the only one theme park concept Montessori preschool in Singapore. AMI provides a joyful and safe learning environment to children.

Our curriculum incorporates  America, Finland and Singapore superior teaching philosophy and education methods aim to develop a solid foundation in Language,  Mathematics and Early Science skills in each child, let each child learn through play and enjoy in learning. We believe the love of learning is fostered in the formative years of childhood.

The Montessori method helps to create a love of learning by allowing the child to explore his or her interests in a calm and conducive environment.Each child  has the desire to learn. Every child is fundamentally curious about how the world works. Dr. Montessori discovered that children have critical learning period, which she called sensitive periods. During these sensitive periods children are naturally geared towards learning new things and absorb new things learn readily.

The Montessori materials at our school are designed to take advantage of these sensitive periods to provide  opportunity for children to explore their interests to the fullest. If a child is encouraged well during his or her sensitive period, he or she will develop a deep love of learning that will serve him or her well throughout his or her life.




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