agape Little Uni. aspires to be the Centre of Excellence for Character Development and Learning, with Love as the core foundation for all approaches, curriculum, and services. We are in the business of Building Firm Foundations in children to prepare them for success in life.

It is no coincidence that Love, Wisdom, Integrity, Discipline and Passion are also agape’s Core Values because we are not merely educators but also role models. We practise what we preach and we preach what we believe.

These Care Values when passed down from teacher to student will inculcate the following characteristics:

  • A Heart with a Capacity to Love,
  • An Intellect with a Love for Learning,
  • A Mouth that speaks with a Thirst for Truth,
  • Diligent hands that work with a Spirit of Independence and
  • A Life that is lived with a Passion for Excellence

We believe these are the Firm Foundations that become the platform for success in life.

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