Aaytozee @ Hillview centre is open in 2017. Aaytozee is the new brandname of Zee which already has 4 centres in Singapore. We are committed to serve the children and support the families. Aaytozee seeks to take on a colourful and cheery image. It believes every child is different, just like all the colourful flowers in the garden, each has its own merits. Therefore, it practices bilingualism, individualised learning and family centric approach to nurture every little child.

AaytoZee – the phonics spelling the complete set of alphabets. Similarly, we are the A to Z of the early childhood industry. Having operating Zee, a preschool under the brand for over a decade, we understood most of the needs and worries of new parents. Thus, we aim to be the one stop solution provider for both parents and children every step of the way supporting the child’s development during preschool years.

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